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176 HD Prince Caspian - 2nd Trailer Caps

176 HD Prince Caspian caps from the second trailer. They're all 1970x796px. Samples and link behind the cut. Please comment and credit, ok???

ALSO I have 1200 500x207 HD frame by frame caps from the trailer. That is, better than the other ones I posted, just let me know if you want them to upload the file

clic to see full size


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Tags: resources: screencaps, screencaps: chronicles of narnia
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snagged love will credit
Oh, lovely! Thanks :]
ooh, totally snagging! thanks :D
Downloading, thank you so much!
Snagged! Thank you!
holy frakk dndeiwqwequ1227183ajakss"=)"#)"/!(#(!"!"@£@$@£€£$!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to rewatch the trailer at Youtube and OMGZUWWIEWw I am psyched for this movie. I haven't downloaded the pack yet... ohhh excitement.

thanks for getting it up anyway :)
Downloading. Thanks!
This is totally wonderful..thanks so much. :D Finding HQ caps are like looking for needles in a haystack sometimes. I'm downloading the lot and will credit you in my resources. :D

A Question, if its all right. :) Have you by any chance capped any of the other promos, tv spots or Disney movie surfer featurettes for Prince Caspian? Decent quality images of most of those are incredibly hard to find.
I'm glad you like them :)

No, this is the only trailer I've capped, though, you can find the first one also in HD HERE I'll try to find the featurettes and tv spots in a good quality, but I doubt there's something out there (I haven't found them yet :S). I also capped this trailer for animated icons, just check the tags ;).


8 years ago

Snagged. Thanks.
Thank you ♥
These look amazing! :) Downloading and crediting. ♥
Thank you!
Thank you so much for doing this. ♥
Thank you so much! I've been searching for caps! ^_^
Many thanks for these!
Ohhh awesome! Taking, and will credit!
snagging, thanks so much!
I've been looking at your stuff and I love it!! Awesomeness. Anyways, I was wondering, where do you get your screencaps for LWW?? I just recently got into making Narnia icons and I've been searching for good screencaps, but everything seems to be really bad quality. Thanks so much!!!
thanks for these! will credit fo sho!
Great job! I've been searching them for the icons. Thank you! :)
*downloads* thanks very much :D Will credit :D
snagging these & the larger version, thanks! (credited in resources)
downloading. thank you so much
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